Standing up in public for a broader conception of value in healthcare.

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viewpoint 9/20/17

IVI’s Mark Linthicum in Morning Consult: Why Understanding Value Is Central to True Health Care Reform Mark Linthicum makes the case that value-based spending should be the focus of health care reform efforts in Washington. READ MORE

event 9/13/17

IVI-Sponsored Health Affairs Policymaker Forum Assembles Key Stakeholders On September 13th, the Innovation and Value Initiative was proud to sponsor a special Health Affairs briefing in Washington DC. Over two hundred of the country’s most influential healthcare stakeholders and public policy thought leaders gathered to address the topic of value in healthcare. READ MORE

viewpoint 7/12/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Sachs Provides an Overview of FDA User Fee Reauthorization Bill Rachel Sachs reviews some of the key provisions of the House of Representative's just-released FDA user fee authorization bill, detailing the recent amendments and what's at stake. READ MORE

viewpoint 6/20/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Sachs Summarizes Recent HELP Committee Meeting: The Elephant in the Room Rachel Sachs provides a summary of the recent Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee meeting, organized to focus on how the drug delivery system affects what patients pay. Although the meeting began with a focus on pricing, it soon shifted to a partisan rebuke of the planned ACA repeal. READ MORE

viewpoint 6/19/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Lietzan Examines SCOTUS Ruling on Biosimilars Erica Lietzan breaks down the recent Supreme Court Sandoz v. Amgen ruling, providing perspective on how the ruling will affect the pathway for approval of biosimilars. READ MORE

viewpoint 6/19/17

IVI's Lakdawalla in WSJ: Look to Major League Baseball for Drug Pricing Insight In a new coauthored commentary appearing in The Wall Street Journal, IVI Executive Director Darius Lakdawalla turns to the national pastime to provide a fresh perspective on the issue of drug pricing and the return on investment pharmaceutical companies need to sustain innovation. READ MORE

research 6/14/17

IVI Releases Protocol for Report on Cost Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care IVI released the research protocol for its first project, which examines the quality of evidence and methods used in cost effectiveness analysis in healthcare. READ MORE

viewpoint 6/13/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Sood, Shih, Van Nuys and Goldman's Study Details the Flow of Funds in Pharma's Distribution System Neeraj Sood, Tiffany Shih, Karen Van Nuys and Dana Goldman discuss the findings of their new study, examining the flow of funds in the pharmaceutical distribution system. READ MORE