NEWS Academic and industry leaders launch initiative to study value in healthcare 9/28/16

Thought leaders from academia and the healthcare industry today announced the formal launch of the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI). The goal of IVI is to advance the science of value measurement and technology assessment, develop innovative approaches to link value to pricing, and influence the policy debate to ensure that future spending on healthcare rewards valuable innovation – and drives waste from the system.


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Research 9/12/16

Panel of Health Advisors to determine IVI research agenda at inaugural meeting in 2016’Q4

When the IVI Panel of Health Advisors convenes its inaugural meeting in the fourth quarter of 2016, it will establish the IVI research agenda for late 2016 and early 2017


Research 9/15/16

IVI and Health Affairs launch new featured topic series on Health Affairs Blog

Health Affairs Blog, in collaboration with IVI, today launched a new featured topic series titled “Drugs and Medical Innovation.”