NEWS On the Health Affairs Blog: Lakdawalla and Balch Make the Case for Patient-Centered Assessment of Value 5/09/17

In the latest post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs blog series, IVI’s Darius Lakdawalla and Alan Balch stress the importance of incorporating the patient perspective into value assessments in healthcare, and of developing tools to help patients make value-based decisions in the marketplace.  

The Balch and Lakdawalla piece reflects IVI’s view that value in healthcare rests in the eyes of the patients using it. This premise, rooted in the economic science of value assessment, underlies IVI’s initiative to engage a broad coalition of providers, payers, patient advocates, scientists, and others dedicated to preserving innovation, enhancing value, and ensuring patient-centric healthcare. IVI strives to engage patients as partners in our research and communications.
In addition to salient commentary like this, IVI looks for opportunities to engage in the dialogue around healthcare value in public forums and workshops around the country. For instance, on May 17th, Dr. Lakdawalla will participate in the National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF) Policy Consortium, led by Dr. Balch, and focusing on the launch of NPAF’s Roadmap to Consumer Clarity in Healthcare. The NPAF Roadmap proposes models to foster patient-centered care and shared decision making.  
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