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viewpoint 4/05/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Silver Suggests Patent Buyouts and Licensing Changes As Strategy For Lowering Brand Drug Prices Jonathan Silver examines patent buyouts and licensing as a novel strategy for lowering branded drug prices. READ MORE

viewpoint 4/03/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Fox and Watrous Cite Lessons Learned from Genentech-Priority Health Pilot in Illustrating Outcomes-Based Contracting Challenges John Fox and Marc Watrous use the 2015' Genentech-Priority Health Pilot as a case study in the challenges presented in outcomes-based contracting. READ MORE

viewpoint 4/03/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Blumenthal, Linthicum and Kamal-Bahl Address Outcomes-Based Pricing Agreements Daniel Blumenthal, Mark Linthicum, and Sachin Kamal-Bahl outline the key challenges and strategies surrounding the establishment of outcomes-based pricing agreements. READ MORE

viewpoint 3/31/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Horn and Dickson Offer Proposals to Modernize and Strengthen Drug Pricing Regulations Tim Horn and Sean Dickson offer four proposals for strengthening existing regulations to reduce drug prices while incentivizing scientific ingenuity and discovery. READ MORE

viewpoint 3/23/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Avorn Assesses the Landscape for Prescription Drug Regulation, Promotion, and Advocacy Jerry Avorn provides a summary of the year's developments in health law, focusing on the 21st Century Cures Act, the appointment of a new FDA Commissioner, and "academic detailing." READ MORE

viewpoint 3/21/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Bronstein and Co-Authors Champion The OPEN Act as a Pathway to Accelerated Drug Development Max Bronstein and co-authors discuss the OPEN ACT and the current drug development landscape, urging the passing into law of this new legislation. READ MORE

viewpoint 3/20/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Bohrer Discusses Accelerated Approval for New Drugs, and Suggests a Conditional Approval Option Robert Bohrer discusses the balancing act between drug pricing and the approvals process, suggesting a new "conditional approval" approach may be the best compromise. READ MORE

viewpoint 3/14/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: ​Rosenberg-Wohl and Coauthors Report on "Wisdom Study" CED Model Sarah Rosenberg-Wohl and coauthors discuss the potential of private insurer funding for CER through "Coverage with Evidence Development", using The Wisdom Study as a real-world case study. READ MORE