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viewpoint 12/09/16

Jason Shafrin Discusses Value-Based Pricing on The Washington Post's In Theory Blog Jason Shafrin examines the complexities of drug pricing and advocates for value-based pricing structures in an op-ed for The Washington Post's In Theory blog, titled "How we should pay for cures, according to economics,". READ MORE

viewpoint 12/01/16

Philipson in Forbes: Assessing Healthcare Value Needs A Decentralized Approach In Tomas Philipson's latest op-ed, he provides a step-by-step breakdown of the steps necessary for creating a new, decentralized and scientific approach to value-based pricing and reimbursement. READ MORE

viewpoint 11/30/16

On the Health Affairs Blog: 21st Century Cures Legislation A Bad Deal for Patients Ameet Sarpatwari and Michael Sinha discuss why the current 21st Century Cures legislation increases risk of patient harm, and adds pressure on the FDA to rush new products to market without adequate evidence. READ MORE

viewpoint 11/21/16

On the Health Affairs Blog: Divorcing Reimbursement From Real-World Prices David Tawes and Marta Wosinska examine why Medicare still uses 2003 AWPs for some drugs, and suggest a path forward. READ MORE

viewpoint 11/10/16

Lakdawalla and Goldman in STAT News: "Pharma Needs a New Prescription" In the wake of the election, IVI's Exective Director Darius Lakdawalla and Co-Chair of the Panel of Health Advisors Dana Goldman provide a "policy prescription list" to enable lower prices and improved patient access without discouraging medical innovation, in a new commentary for STAT News. READ MORE

viewpoint 11/04/16

On the Health Affairs Blog: Regulatory, Legal Uncertainties Are Barriers To Value-Based Agreements Alison Sexton Ward, Mark Linthicum, Michelle Drozd, Alison Silverstein, and Joe Vandigo share the results of their interviews with a group of five stakeholders regarding their experience with value-based agreements. READ MORE

viewpoint 9/22/16

On the Health Affairs Blog: Lakdawalla and Neumann discuss problems with adding budget criteria to value assessments on Health Affairs Blog Darius Lakdawalla and Peter Neumann discuss the use of explicit budget impact criteria in value assessment in a piece published today on the Heath Affairs blog. READ MORE

viewpoint 9/15/16

On the Health Affairs Blog: Goldman, Nussbaum, and Linthicum discuss the need for innovation in pricing and value measurement In an inaugural post to the Health Affairs blog series on “Drugs and Medical Innovation,” Dana Goldman, Samuel Nussbaum, and Mark Linthicum discuss the need for innovation in pricing and value measurement READ MORE