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viewpoint 5/18/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Seabury and Sood Examine Policies to Promote Development of Antimicrobial Drugs Seth Seabury and Neeraj Sood propose a new model for the development of antimicrobial drugs. Market entry awards, exclusivity extensions and priority review vouchers are all critical tools that the authors examine, weighing their strengths and weaknesses. READ MORE

event 5/18/17

IVI's Lakdawalla and Balch Participate in NPAF Consortium On May 17th, IVI's Executive Director Darius Lakdawalla and Panel of Health Advisors member Alan Balch spoke at the National Patient Advocate Foundation's (NPAF) Spring 2017 Policy Consortium. The event launched the NPAF "Roadmap to Consumer Clarity in Healthcare Decision Making.” Both NPAF and IVI are committed to providing patients with accessible and useful information about the value of their healthcare options. READ MORE

viewpoint 5/15/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Sachs Reviews Key Provisions of FDA's User Fee Reauthorization Bill Rachel Sachs provides an update of the progress of the new FDA user fee reauthorization bill and its key provisions. Sachs outlines the revisions to the law and overall goals, as well as other possible obstacles to the bill's passage in the near future. READ MORE

viewpoint 5/12/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Hwang and Kesselheim Analyze the Impact of Taxing Drug Price Spikes Thomas Hwang and Aaron Kesselheim focus on recent efforts to establish an excise tax on drugs with significant price increases as a means of lowering drug costs and improving transparency. READ MORE

viewpoint 5/09/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Lakdawalla and Balch Make the Case for Patient-Centered Assessment of Value IVI's Darius Lakdawalla and Alan Balch stress the need to begin actively incorporating the patient perspective into the measures used to assess value in healthcare. READ MORE

viewpoint 5/04/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Orphan Drugs, Pursuing Value, and Avoiding Unintended Effects of Regulations Joshua Liao and Mark Pauly explain why high prices are an unintended effect of government regulation, and suggest some potential solutions. READ MORE

viewpoint 5/03/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Bateman-House, McBride-Folkers and Caplan Examine 'Right To Try" Bill Myths and Realities Alison Bateman-House, Kelly McBride-Folkers and Arthur Caplan discuss limitations in the Trickett Wendler Right to Try Act and suggest several measures for facilitating pre-approval access to drugs. READ MORE

viewpoint 5/01/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: FDA's Scott Gottlieb and the Goldilocks Theory Ian Spatz examines the challenges facing FDA commissioner Scott Gottleib and applies the "Goldilocks Theory" to the process of senators trying to determine if the FDA is too lenient or too tough in reviewing new prescription drugs. READ MORE