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viewpoint 3/21/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Bronstein and Co-Authors Champion The OPEN Act as a Pathway to Accelerated Drug Development Max Bronstein and co-authors discuss the OPEN ACT and the current drug development landscape, urging the passing into law of this new legislation. READ MORE

viewpoint 3/20/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Bohrer Discusses Accelerated Approval for New Drugs, and Suggests a Conditional Approval Option Robert Bohrer discusses the balancing act between drug pricing and the approvals process, suggesting a new "conditional approval" approach may be the best compromise. READ MORE

viewpoint 3/14/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: ​Rosenberg-Wohl and Coauthors Report on "Wisdom Study" CED Model Sarah Rosenberg-Wohl and coauthors discuss the potential of private insurer funding for CER through "Coverage with Evidence Development", using The Wisdom Study as a real-world case study. READ MORE

viewpoint 3/10/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Claire Laporte Explains the "Patent Dance" for Biosimilars, and the Importance of Trade Secrets Claire Leporte breaks down the pathway provided by the new aBLA patent process for manufacturers of biosimilars, illustrating what's at stake and how it impacts intellectual property laws and the preservation of trade secrets. READ MORE

viewpoint 3/07/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Bach, Helms and Yu Examine Links Between R&D Costs and Drug Prices Peter Bach, Zachary Helms, and Nancy Yu leverage public data to estimate both the premiums that companies earn and the amount they spend on research, challenging pharmaceutical companies' claims regarding R&D spending. READ MORE

viewpoint 3/02/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Dubois and Westrich Examine Value Frameworks and Suggest Key Considerations for Improvement Robert Dubois and Kimberly Westrich argue that existing value assessment methods hold promise but require further development along multiple dimensions before use in decision making. READ MORE

viewpoint 2/27/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Darrow, Kesselheim and Lasky-Su Analyze the Promise, Challenges and Limitations of the Precision Medicine Initiative and Cancer Moonshot Jonathan Darrow, Aaron Kesselheim, and Jessica Lasky-Su outline the promise of the Precision Medicine Initiative and Cancer Moonshot, also pointing out some of the challenges and limitations to success. READ MORE

viewpoint 2/17/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Galvin and Brennan Suggest Employers Can Take Larger Role in Controlling Drug Costs Robert Galvin and Troyen Brennan examine how employers and pharmacy benefit managers can take a harder line with drug manufacturers to lower drug costs, particularly in regard to controlling launch prices. READ MORE