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viewpoint 2/14/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Mazer and Curfman Focus On 21st Century Cures Act and Lowered Confidence in FDA Approved Drugs and Devices Deborah Mazer and Greogory Curfman discuss provisions in the 21st Century Cures Act that could weaken FDA oversight of medical products and newly approved drugs. READ MORE

viewpoint 2/10/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Jena and Kamal-Bahl Address Family Spillover Effects Anupam Jena and Sachin Kamal-Bahl discuss the importance of considering benefits to caregivers and family members of patients in addition to the benefits of treatment to patients themselves, when measuring value. READ MORE

viewpoint 2/08/17

Jeroen Jansen in Journal of Clinical Oncology: Network Meta-Analysis Needed To Improve Clinical Oncology Value Framework In his letter to the editor, IVI's Jeroen Jansen argues that the ASCO value framework can be improved by incorporating network meta-analysis. READ MORE

viewpoint 2/02/17

On the Health Affairs Blog: Neumann Discusses Cures Act and New FDA Draft Guidance on Communication Provisions of the 21st Century Cures Act and new FDA draft guidance suggest greater flexibility for drug companies in the communication of the real-world drug impacts of their products. READ MORE

viewpoint 1/19/17

Peter Neumann in New England Journal of Medicine: Cost-Effectiveness 2.0 -- Poised for a Second Act? IVI's Peter Neumann offers a new perspective on cost-effectiveness analysis in the New England Journal of Medicine. READ MORE

press 1/04/17

Measuring Value: Jason Shafrin in The Journal of Healthcare Contracting IVI's Jason Shafrin discusses the mission of the IVI and how value is defined and rewarded in a new commentary for The Journal of Healthcare Contracting. READ MORE

viewpoint 12/29/16

On the Health Affairs Blog: Germany's Drug Price Model-- Would It Work in the US? Karl Lauterbach, John McDonough, and Elizabeth Seeley suggest that Germany's AMNOG model should be applied to US drug pricing policy. READ MORE

viewpoint 12/27/16

On the Health Affairs Blog: The Demise of the Part B Demo Rachel Dolan examines the uproar over specific Medicare Part B policies supporting value-based payment. READ MORE