Standing up in public for a broader conception of value in healthcare.

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viewpoint 9/22/16

On the Health Affairs Blog: Lakdawalla and Neumann discuss problems with adding budget criteria to value assessments on Health Affairs Blog Darius Lakdawalla and Peter Neumann discuss the use of explicit budget impact criteria in value assessment in a piece published today on the Heath Affairs blog. READ MORE

viewpoint 9/15/16

On the Health Affairs Blog: Goldman, Nussbaum, and Linthicum discuss the need for innovation in pricing and value measurement In an inaugural post to the Health Affairs blog series on “Drugs and Medical Innovation,” Dana Goldman, Samuel Nussbaum, and Mark Linthicum discuss the need for innovation in pricing and value measurement READ MORE

research 9/15/16

IVI and Health Affairs launch new featured topic series on Health Affairs Blog Health Affairs Blog, in collaboration with IVI, today launched a new featured topic series titled “Drugs and Medical Innovation.” READ MORE

research 9/12/16

Panel of Health Advisors to determine IVI research agenda at inaugural meeting in 2016’Q4 When the IVI Panel of Health Advisors convenes its inaugural meeting in the fourth quarter of 2016, it will establish the IVI research agenda for late 2016 and early 2017 READ MORE

viewpoint 8/26/16

Goldman tackles EpiPen pricing controversy in STAT News Goldman addresses the firestorm created by Mylan's dramatic price hikes for their EpiPen in a new commentary published in STAT News: "To Prevent Another EpiPen Controversy, the Government Should Step In." READ MORE

viewpoint 8/13/16

Shafrin and Philipson in Forbes: Are you just a number? In Tomas Philipson's latest op-ed, he and co-author Jason Shafrin describe the potential for new value frameworks to undermine the ability of patients and providers to find the best treatment for a specific patient READ MORE

viewpoint 8/02/16

Chandra responds to President Obama on the ACA in JAMA editorial Amitabh Chandra and co-author Jonathan Skinner respond to President Obama’s JAMA letter describing the success of the ACA READ MORE

research 7/13/16

Neumann and co-authors respond to ASCO value framework in JCO In an article published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology READ MORE