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Health Affairs Blog 2015

It's time for Value-Based Payment in Oncology

Value-based health care has risen to the top of the health policy agenda, as public and private payers search for ways to improve outcomes. The value principle—reimbursing hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers for quality or quality improvement that also help lower costs—aligns incentives between payers and providers. It’s time to apply this principle in oncology.


The Economist's Voice 2015

Are Biopharmaceutical Budget Caps Good Public Policy?

Medical innovation has generated significant gains in health over the past decades, but these advances have been accompanied by rapid growth in healthcare spending. Faced with a growing number of high-cost but high impact innovations, some have argued to constrain prices for new therapies – especially through global caps on pharmaceutical spending and limits on prices for individual drugs. We show that applying this threshold to past innovations would have limited access to many highly valuable drugs such as statins and anti-retrovirals. We also argue that budget caps violate several important principles of health policy. 


Health Affairs Blog 2012

Saving Medicare Dollars: Moving From the SGR to Bundled Payments

The goal of Medicare is to provide protection for elderly Americans against the financial risk associated with illness, and in the process provide beneficiaries with access to high quality care.  Our challenge is to accomplish those goals in a fiscally sustainable manner. In this article, Michael Chernew, Darius Lakdawalla, and Dana Goldman emphasize that the short-term need to address payment cuts called for by Medicare's physician payment system should not distract from the need for broader payment reform in Medicare over the coming decades.