IVI is pleased to offer stipends for patient advocates and patient organization stakeholders to participate in-person at the 2022 IVI Annual Meeting in Alexandria, Virginia.

The intent of this opportunity is to support inclusive and equitable representation among diverse stakeholders who may benefit from and/or contribute to attendance at IVI’s Annual Meeting. The stipend will reimburse up to $750 of the recipients’ travel (within the United States), hotel, and per diem allowance for both the applicant and a caregiver (if medically required). Conference registration fee has been waived.

The IVI Annual Meeting brings together members of the health care community, including researchers, patients, caregivers, clinicians, insurers, industry, health system representatives, and other stakeholders.

This year’s meeting on Monday, October 17th and Tuesday, October 18th will be in-person and IVI will continue to closely monitor the situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and variants, with your safety being a top priority.

IVI will work in conjunction with the meeting venue to develop and implement a range of safety measures and protocols to support in-person attendance. Potential financial assistance recipients should expect to receive additional information regarding IVI’s protocols and approach to supporting the safety of our in-person meeting attendees.

Download Scholarship Information and Application Instructions


Key Dates and Applicant Communication

Applications must be submitted via the link below by September 12, 2022 for consideration.

We will notify applicants of stipends by September 15, 2022. Recipients will receive further information at that time regarding instructions to book travel and lodging.

The stipend is intended for those who reside beyond a 50-mile radius of the event.

Those who do not secure assistance remain eligible to register for in-person complimentary attendance at IVI’s Annual Meeting beginning August 15th. Please note that attendee will be responsible for their own travel, meals, and lodging.

All applicants may contact Jessica Brown (jessica.brown@thevalueinitiative.org) at any time during the review and/or award process with questions concerning the stipend program.

Financial Assistance Review Process

IVI staff will review all applications. Reviewers use the same selection criteria for every application in the interest of consistency (see below).


Applicants will be asked to respond to a brief series of open- and closed-ended questions regarding their personal information, geographic location, and plans or ideas for sharing their learnings from Annual Meeting participation with their communities. Applicants are also asked to submit a personal statement to describe their experience and/or interest in IVI, stakeholder engagement, and/or their motivation for wanting to attend the IVI Annual Meeting.

Selection Criteria

The following selection criteria are used to evaluate each application.

Criterion 1: Expressed commitment to personal and/or professional goals aligned with IVI’s mission.

Criterion 2: Pathways for sharing experiences and learnings: Applicants are expected to share ideas and/or plans for how they may share lessons learned from the Annual Meeting with their personal and professional communities. This may include a description of their personal and professional communities and how they may benefit from learning about IVI, and/or discrete examples of communication pathways (e.g., blogs, tweets, editorials, podcasts, etc.).