In a recent post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs featured blog series, Jerry Avorn sums up the status quo in medical regulation and evidence-based prescribing. Avorn uses his commentary to call out flaws in the 21st Century Cures Act, illustrate how the appointment of a new FDA Commissioner may influence “right-to-try” laws, and discuss the promise of “academic detailing.”

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About the Health Affairs/IVI Featured Blog Series: Drugs and Medical Innovation — In partnership with Health Affairs, IVI is proud to sponsor the “Drugs and Medical Innovation” blog series. On an ongoing basis, articles in this series will explore topics such as value-based reimbursement, drug policy and pricing, balancing short-term access against long-term rates of innovation, and other relevant issues. Our goal is to create an open forum for sharing ideas and debating issues in these areas, extending the discussion to a broader audience.