In a recent post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs featured blog series, the National Pharmaceutical Council’s Robert Dubois (also member of IVI Strategic Advisory Panel) and Kimberly Westrich examine current value assessment models’ readiness for use in healthcare decision-making. Applying NPC’s 35 Guiding Practices, they conclude that all existing frameworks possess individual strengths and weaknesses, but all have clear areas where they could improve and none are ready for use in practice.

The authors then outline key considerations for the refinement and maturation of value assessment frameworks. These considerations include: separating value assessment from budget impact evaluation; incorporating patient preferences, regardless of end user; importance of a broad societal perspective; and the need for transparency and reproducibility.

Read the full article here.

About the Health Affairs/IVI Featured Blog Series: Drugs and Medical Innovation — In partnership with Health Affairs, IVI is proud to sponsor the “Drugs and Medical Innovation” blog series. On an ongoing basis, articles in this series will explore topics such as value-based reimbursement, drug policy and pricing, balancing short-term access against long-term rates of innovation, and other relevant issues. Our goal is to create an open forum for sharing ideas and debating issues in these areas, extending the discussion to a broader audience.