What Is Value Assessment?

Value assessment is the comparison of the relative benefits to the costs of a given technology or service for a specific person or population. One significant ongoing challenge in healthcare today is the measurement of value. Most healthcare providers, payers, and patients would agree the cost of medication, treatment, or medical service should reflect the [...]

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What is the Innovation and Value Initiative?

The Innovation and Value Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research organization committed to advancing the science, practice, and use of value assessment in healthcare to make it more meaningful to those who receive, provide, and pay for care. Governed by a Board of Directors with significant input from its Patient Advisory Council and Scientific Advisory [...]

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What is the goal of IVI?

IVI’s goal is to build a platform that facilitates robust and rigorous patient-centered value assessment of health technologies tailored to the needs and interests of individual decision makers.

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Why is IVI needed?

The need for better information on the relative value of healthcare interventions is increasingly clear as the American healthcare system moves towards value-based payment models - but existing and conventional methods of value assessment are not sufficient for the complexity of modern healthcare and do not adequately reflect patient perspectives on value. Foremost, we need [...]

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What does IVI do?

Defining the gaps and limitations in the existing value assessment approaches and practices: Identifying the component elements of value and conducting methods research on how to measure and apply those components to next-generation value assessment Improving understanding of how to aggregate those components and incorporate them into value assessment models Facilitating application and use of [...]

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How does IVI determine its research agenda?

Our research priorities reflect our principles and help us achieve our goals. They include: Developing methods to better account for and incorporate outcomes that matter to patients. Improving the ability of value assessments to yield viewpoints that reflect real patient experiences will inform optimized treatment regimens and improved outcomes for patients. Advancing analytical methods and [...]

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How does IVI keep its research transparent and free from bias?

Transparency and scientific rigor are core principles of IVI. To ensure our work is transparent and free from bias, IVI makes all of its research and software publicly available for download and use to the greatest extent possible: Disease-specific OSVP models are developed with review and guidance from external clinical experts and representatives from the [...]

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Is IVI’s work patient-centered?

Having a patient-centered perspective is at the heart of what we do at IVI. Click here to learn about IVI’s commitment to partnering with patients. To learn about the role of patients in the Open-Source Value Platform, click here.

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Where does IVI get its funding?

As a membership-based nonprofit organization, IVI depends on the support of its members for funding. IVI seeks members from across the healthcare spectrum, including self-insured employers, insurers, providers, manufacturers, and patient advocacy groups. All member funding supports IVI’s overall operations and is not tied to a specific activity or objective.

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