Transparency and scientific rigor are core principles of IVI. To ensure our work is transparent and free from bias, IVI makes all of its research and software publicly available for download and use to the greatest extent possible:

  • Disease-specific OSVP models are developed with review and guidance from external clinical experts and representatives from the patient community; subsequent revisions and improvements of these models are determined by feedback and recommendations received as part of the public comment period following each model’s release, with specific improvements identified and prioritized by an objective Technical Expert Panel. All model code is open-source and publicly available, along with the R statistical package and detailed documentation.
  • In the case of IVI’s methodological and patient-focused research projects, research materials (e.g. survey instruments), protocols, analytic code, data (when possible), and research reports are made publicly available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via the Open Science Framework website.

All IVI research projects are subject to peer review:

  • Research papers are submitted to peer-reviewed journals undergo review requirements as specified by the journal.
  • Research reports that are released through the IVI website are reviewed by independent academics or subject-matter experts, whose reviews and evaluations are made public alongside the research report of interest.

Commentaries and opinion pieces are edited according to the standards of the publishing outlet; these typically do not include academic peer review.