Making our way through a global pandemic will require all the assets and brain power our health system and leaders have to offer. And yet while the pandemic has been a novel disruptor, it has also served to highlight the problems our system has experienced for years, even decades. Whether we are discussing COVID-19 or any other disease, we always struggle to answer the same fundamental questions: what is the most valuable treatment for patients? How do we assess which treatments work the best and for whom? What trade-offs are patients and society willing to make to achieve health?

Since the beginning, these questions have been our focus at the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI). Our organization is founded on a core belief – patients must be at the center of value assessment. But how we change the status quo to make that belief an everyday reality is a complicated process. It requires our ability to bring all the stakeholders in healthcare together, across ingrained silos and expertise.

With all of this in mind, IVI created this blog as a place to bring together the voices of some of the smartest people in healthcare and the conversation about value. We’ll share their ideas and insight about how we should determine what are the most valuable treatments for patients. We’ll unpack what needs to change with our value assessment methods and processes to truly find answers that matter. And we will hear from a very diverse group of leaders about the role their corner of the healthcare industry can and must play.

To start us off, please take two minutes to watch this short video from our inaugural Methods Summit in February as we begin the conversation. We hope you will tune in bi-weekly and share your feedback with us.

Jennifer Bright
Executive Director