Is Using Centralized Value Assessment to Make Centralized Pricing Decisions the Most Effective Path Forward?

The Pink Sheet article described comment letters to HHS’ drug pricing blueprint recommending that cost-effectiveness analyses by ICER could help promote value-based pricing in government-sponsored insurance. While IVI concurs value assessment is noble, worthwhile and needed, IVI cautions about making centralized pricing decisions based on centralized value assessments within the U.S.’s current decentralized health care [...]

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Open-Source Rx Value Model Designed To Encourage ‘More Productive’ Discussions

Pink Sheet Senior Writer, Cathy Kelly, reports on the goals and objectives of the IVI Open-Source Value Project (OSVP), how the first iteration of the tool on rheumatoid arthritis is intended to serve different health care stakeholders, and what the next application will focus on. Kelly quotes IVI Strategic Advisory Panel Chair, Sam Nussbaum, who [...]

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Regulatory, Legal Uncertainties are Barriers to Value-Based Agreements

Alison Sexton Ward, Mark Linthicum, Michelle Drozd, Alison Silverstein, and Joe Vandigo identify key legal and regulatory barriers in the creation of value-based contracts for drugs in their recent addition to the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs blog series. Based on two-part, in-depth interviews with a group of five stakeholders regarding their experience with value-based agreements, the authors identify [...]

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Discussing the Problems with Adding Budget Criteria to Value Assessments

In a recent post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs blog series, Darius Lakdawalla, Executive Director of IVI, and Peter Neumann discuss the use of explicit budget impact criteria in value assessment. Lakdawalla and Neumann write that budgetary concerns are understandable, given that healthcare decision makers are faced with limited resources. Linking short-term budget criteria to assessments of [...]

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Rapid Biomedical Innovation Calls for Similar Innovation In Pricing and Value Measurement

Advances in foundational science, technology, and clinical knowledge are driving a revolution in patient care. At the same time, spending on these innovative drugs and devices has increased dramatically. The question is, what—if anything—should be done to regulate this innovation? To balance physician prescribing of state-of-the-art drugs and patient desires to access them with the [...]

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Responding to President Obama on the Affordable Care Act

Amitabh Chandra and co-author Jonathan Skinner respond to President Obama's JAMA letter describing the success of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), concluding that, while the landmark legislation suffers from a number of fundamental problems, it is also "far more moderate, innovative -- and difficult to replace -- than its critics claim." Read the full article [...]

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