How to Improve Value Assessment

In an op-ed published in Healthcare Business News, IVI's Executive Director, Jennifer Bright, describes four essential steps necessary to better measure value in healthcare: Better value measurement must incorporate the patient perspective into all assessment tools. Real world data must be considered when determining a treatment's worth beyond direct clinical benefit. Value assessments must be [...]

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Well-Informed Patients Play a Key Role in Value-Based Care

In a commentary for Morning Consult, Virginia Ladd, President and Executive Director of the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), emphasizes how critical it is that the patient perspective be front and center in discussions about how we measure and pay for value. Read the full article here.

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The Demise of the Medicare Part B Demo

In a recent post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs blog series, Rachel Dolan looks at resistance to specific policies that attempt to move towards value-based reimbursement. Despite widespread bipartisan agreement that Medicare Part B should be paying for value, roadblocks are still formidable. Read the full article here. About the Health Affairs/IVI Featured Blog Series: Drugs [...]

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A Discussion on Value-Based Pricing

IVI's Director of Research, Jason Shafrin, contributes to an op-ed for The Washington Post's "In Theory Blog: How we should pay for cures, according to economics." In the commentary, Dr. Shafrin uses the example of a cure for Alzheimer's disease to illustrate how various stakeholders demand very different pricing structures, and how IVI is working to [...]

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Assessing Healthcare Value Needs a Decentralized Approach

In Tomas Philipson's latest op-ed, he examines the challenges of value assessment in the U.S. healthcare system and describes a decentralized approach to assessing value that better suits the U.S. context. Using IVI as an example, Philipson outlines several key criteria that a decentralized value assessment approach should meet in order to effectively link [...]

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Regulatory, Legal Uncertainties are Barriers to Value-Based Agreements

Alison Sexton Ward, Mark Linthicum, Michelle Drozd, Alison Silverstein, and Joe Vandigo identify key legal and regulatory barriers in the creation of value-based contracts for drugs in their recent addition to the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs blog series. Based on two-part, in-depth interviews with a group of five stakeholders regarding their experience with value-based agreements, the authors identify [...]

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Discussing the Problems with Adding Budget Criteria to Value Assessments

In a recent post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs blog series, Darius Lakdawalla, Executive Director of IVI, and Peter Neumann discuss the use of explicit budget impact criteria in value assessment. Lakdawalla and Neumann write that budgetary concerns are understandable, given that healthcare decision makers are faced with limited resources. Linking short-term budget criteria to assessments of [...]

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