Translating Feedback Into Change

IVI’s Open-Source Value Project (OSVP) models improve over time through an ongoing cycle of public feedback, expert review, revision, and re-release. Public comments on new model releases are the basis for later changes, but these comments must be synthesized into specific recommendations and priorities for model improvements. Technical Expert Panels fill this essential role.

For each disease-specific OSVP model released by IVI, a Technical Expert Panel of third-party subject matter experts is responsible for reviewing all public comments, identifying specific priorities for revisions, and developing a prioritized set of recommendations. These recommendations determine IVI’s revisions to the next model release.

Disease-Specific Value Models

IVI develops open-source value models for specific diseases as a laboratory for developing next-generation methods for value assessment. Two models are currently available to examine value of therapies for rheumatoid arthritis and EGFR+ non-small cell lung cancer. Select a model below to start exploring.

IVI-RA Technical Expert Panel Members

Louis Garrison, PhD, Chair

Health Economist
University of Washington

Stephen Mennemeyer, PhD

Health Economist
University of Alabama

Kaleb Michaud, PhD

University of Nebraska

Elizabeth Perkins, MD

Rheumatology Care Center

Carole Wiedmeyer, MBA

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Researcher

IVI-NSCLC Technical Expert Panel Members

Jhanelle Gray, MD

Medical Oncologist
H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center and Research Institute

Ticiana Leal, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Daryl Pritchard, PhD

Senior Vice President, Science Policy
Personalized Medicine Coalition

Diane Spry

Diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer

John Stevens, PhD, BSc (Hons)

Reader in Decision Science
University of Sheffield