About IVI

We are an independent nonprofit research organization that:


We champion a focus on patient-centered outcomes and preferences as drivers of change


We provide equity in all aspects of healthcare, so that all patients have a fair and just opportunity to achieve optimal health


We advocate transparent, open-source model development to improve dialogue and build trust among users, decision-makers, and patient communities

Our Mission

To advance the science, practice, and use of patient-centered Health Technology Assessment to support decisions that make healthcare more meaningful and equitable.

Our Vision

A learning healthcare system supported by patient-centered Health Technology Assessment and focused on high-quality, efficient, innovative, and equitable care for all people and communities.

Moving Forward

IVI is leading the conversation around new methods for advancing the science of Health Technology Assessment.

This includes our work centering the patient and incorporating equity into the entire HTA process. Looking to the future, we want to demonstrate how methods are used in the real world through use cases and expand into other areas such as rare disease, digital health, and diagnostics. IVI will also continue shaping the policy environment, influencing how the government examines value.

The success of our work is based on collaboration. We will continue diversifying our membership and expanding our partnerships, working with other leading organizations that share our mission and purpose.

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