Our mission

Promoting Patient-
Centered Healthcare

IVI is an independent nonprofit research organization working to make sure that all patients have access to the right care at the right time.

Putting the Patient at the Center

The delivery of healthcare in the United States is determined by factors that do not fully take into account the needs of patients and caregivers, in terms of ease of use, quality of life, financial burden, and health equity.
Our Goal

To support the use of equitable, transparent, patient-centered evidence to drive better decisions in the development of therapies, research, and policy for better patient outcomes. Learn More »

How We are Making a Difference for Patients

At IVI, we bring together key stakeholders, execute high-level research and analysis, and lead the conversation to ensure that HTA incorporates issues crucial to patient quality of life. Learn More »

HTA: challenges
and possibilities

Increasingly, the delivery of healthcare in the United States is driven by Health Technology Assessment (HTA). HTA is an analysis of the clinical and economic value of a particular health care intervention, using various factors such as cost, safety, and efficacy. It is used by employers, payers, manufacturers, and policymakers, among others, to help determine how patients are treated and at what cost. Learn More »