IVI’s MISSION is to advance the science, practice, and use of patient-centered value assessment to support decisions that make healthcare more meaningful and equitable.

IVI’s VISION is a U.S. learning healthcare system supported by patient-centered value assessment and focused on high-quality, efficient, innovative, and equitable care for all people and communities.

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IVI works to drive innovation in value assessment through collaborative research and partnerships on patient preferences, novel methods of value, and value assessment model development.

We work with patients, employers, payers, and providers to assess what value means to them, and serve as a laboratory for testing new methods to improve value assessment.

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Finding Equity in Value

IVI and Sick Cells have co-authored a whitepaper in pursuit of a shared goal to advance racial and health equity in and through the practice of health technology assessments (HTA) in the U.S. This whitepaper provides an in-depth examination of potential equity implications arising in HTA processes and identifies multiple interrelated factors with implications for racial and health equity, and how they influence real-world HTA processes.

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HealthCore/IVI AMCP Nexus Poster

October 5th, 2022|News|

While several studies have examined real-world pharmacologic treatment patterns and costs among major depressive disorder (MDD) patients, few have examined the use of non-pharmacologic treatments. IVI recently conducted a study alongside HealthCore to describe [...]

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