Ms. Stacey Courtnay Explores Key Findings from IVI and Arthritis Foundation Research

In a commentary published by the American Journal of Managed Care on December 17, 2021, Ms. Stacy Courtnay highlights how lived experiences like hers can inform healthcare research. In "In Evaluating Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments, Involving Patients is Key," she also explores key findings from the joint IVI and Arthritis Foundation research paper released in November [...]

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Jennifer Bright Shares Views on a Patient-Centered Learning Health System

In a Journal of Accountable Care commentary, IVI Executive Director Jennifer Bright writes that to move toward a truly patient-centered learning health system, data transparency and common-good use must be a greater priority. She describes how IVI is a learning lab within the value and health technology assessment community, grounded in the principles of patient-centricity, [...]

2022-01-25T17:36:39-05:00December 10th, 2021|News, Viewpoints|

Partnering for Patient-Centricity

In a commentary published in the American Journal of Managed Care, IVI's Jennifer Bright, EveryLife Foundation's Annie Kennedy, and National Health Council's Eleanor Perfetto teamed up to describe how their organizations are joining forces to advance patient-centric value assessment measurements. "Patient centricity" — engaging with patients as partners, rather than doing on behalf of the [...]

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How to Strengthen Value Assessment’s Tool Box

With attention increasingly focused on the Biden Administration's new interest in a German-style panel to determine fair healthcare pricing, Jennifer Bright says we're at a crucial time to be absolutely clear about value - and how to measure it with patients' perspectives fully represented. Read about IVI's principles for HTA in the US on the [...]

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IVI and the University of Maryland Pharmacy School’s PAVE Center Partner on Patient-Centered Value Assessment

In an article in The Patient, IVI and the Patient-Driven Values in Healthcare Evaluation (PAVE) Center at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy describe how they develop methods and models that make patient-centered value assessment both scientifically feasible and relevant to real-world decisions across the range of stakeholders. Read the full article here.

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The Promise of MCDA to Improve Equity in Value Assessment

In a commentary in AJMC, IVI examines how multi-criteria decision analysis has the potential to better understand and assess value for innovative cell and gene therapies which are transforming the lives of patients living with serious diseases. Read the full article here.

2020-08-11T14:06:36-04:00July 26th, 2020|News, Viewpoints|

Can Depression Help Employers Improve Their Value Assessment Methods?

IVI's Jennifer Bright and Mike Thompson of the National Alliance for Healthcare Purchasers share how employers can use depression as a "test case" for thinking about how to improve the value assessment process, so that we can apply a "purchaser-patient" lens up front. Read the full article on Employers Benefit News here.

2020-07-15T11:30:30-04:00June 24th, 2020|News, Viewpoints|

The Ascendency of Value Assessment

Value assessment is a hot topic in healthcare. But how can it be improved so it's more relevant to answering the most important questions to patients, payers and providers? In this commentary, Jennifer Bright explains why we need data partners to catalyze improvement in value assessment. Read the article here.

2020-02-26T16:33:39-05:00February 7th, 2020|News, Viewpoints|

What’s in Store for 2020?

Jennifer Bright discusses the following three trends that began in 2019 and will pick up steam this year: Increased demand for value information for drugs; Increased number of voices asking whether value assessment is done the right way; and Momentum to improve value assessment models. Read the full article here. Please note that a Scrip [...]

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