This one-day virtual public event explored the challenges, emerging solutions, and research opportunities around how the U.S. addresses innovation in the context of value. The forum showcased multi-stakeholder perspectives on the opportunities and challenges that innovation in biopharmaceutical, digital, diagnostic, and delivery arenas present for the science and practice of value assessment/health technology assessment.

Attendees included patient, family and caregiver organizations; employer-purchaser and payer entities; researchers; value assessors and their supporting analytical research entities; investors; policymakers; and representatives from innovators across health technology.

Learning objectives:

  • Define areas of consensus about the importance of innovation to stakeholders

  • Assess the strengths and limitations of existing value assessment methods to support decision-making by patients, clinicians, payers, and purchasers

  • Highlight areas of consensus among practitioners of value assessment on appropriate approaches and needed actions to support investment in innovation

  • Identify priorities for research to improve the valuation of “innovativeness” of health technologies

The 2022 IVI Methods Summit was funded by contributions from IVI’s diverse membership and a grant support from PhRMA. This project includes three components: 2022 Methods Summit public form, a one-day invitational expert roundtable, and a call for research papers that will receive IVI funding in 2023.

Video Recordings

Agenda and Pre-Read Materials

October 6, 2022

Brief introduction and discussion of the objectives for the Methods Summit and Valuing Innovation Project, presented by IVI Chief Executive Officer, Jason Spangler, MD, MPH, FACPM and IVI Chief Science Officer, Rick Chapman, PhD.

These opening remarks will offer perspectives on the challenges in accounting for and rewarding innovation in value assessment/health technology assessment.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jason Spangler, MD, MPH, FACPM – Moderator (Innovation and Value Initiative)
  • Mark Trusheim, MS (NEWDIGS, Tufts Medical Center)

Panelists from patient, innovator, and investor sectors will discuss their viewpoints on innovation and the purpose and guardrails needed in value assessment to sustain balance, followed by a Q&A session.

Featured Speakers:

  • Mike Graglia, MBA, MA – Moderator (SynGAP Research Fund)
  • Leah Howard, JD (National Psoriasis Foundation)
  • Michelle McMurry-Heath, MD/PhD (BIO)
  • Linette Demers, PhD (DiME Society)
  • Walter Kowtoniuk, PhD (Third Rock Ventures)

Panelists from clinical, purchaser, and payer sectors will discuss their viewpoints on innovation and their questions and challenges in decision-making in a rapidly evolving marketplace, followed by a Q&A session.

Featured Speakers:

  • Josh Krieger, PhD – Moderator (Harvard Business School)
  • Greg Baker, RPh (EmsanaRx)
  • Sam Peasah, PhD, MA (UPMC Health Plan)
  • Joe Honcz, RPh, MBA (C4i)
  • Jen Madsen, MPH (MITRE)

This panel will feature a facilitated discussion with stakeholders who conduct and use research to emphasize areas of work in methods, including issues of rigor, novel methods, and fit-for-purpose in decision-making. Dialogue will consider existing and emerging approaches, research needs, and opportunities for investment and collaboration, and will be followed by a Q&A session.

Featured Speakers:

  • Rick Chapman, PhD – Moderator (Innovation and Value Initiative)
  • Lou Garrison, PhD (University of Washington)
  • David Ridley, PhD (Duke University)
  • Jon Campbell, PhD (ICER)
  • Randy Burkholder (PhRMA)

A panel offers summary and reaction to the day’s dialogues, identifies challenges for further exploration, and observes opportunities for action.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jennifer Bright, MPA – Moderator (Innovation and Value Initiative)
  • Tiffany Westrich-Robertson (AiArthritis)
  • Jennifer Graff, PharmD (AMCP)
  • Harold Carter, PharmD (Express Scripts)

IVI Chief Executive Officer, Jason Spangler, MD, MPH, FACPM, will discuss next steps following the conclusion of the Methods Summit.


Greg Baker


Jennifer Bright

Innovation and Value Initiative

Randy Burkholder


Jon Campbell

Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

Harold Carter

Express Scripts

Rick Chapman

Innovation and Value Initiative

Linette Demers

Digital Medicine Society

Lou Garrison

University of Washington

Jennifer Graff

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

Michael Graglia

SynGAP Research Fund

Joe Honcz


Leah McCormick Howard

National Psoriasis Foundation

Walter Kowtoniuk

Third Rock Ventures

Joshua Krieger

Harvard Business School

Jen Madsen


Michelle McMurry-Heath

Biotechnology Innovation Organization

Samuel Peasah

UPMC Health Plan

David Ridley

Duke University

Jason Spangler

Innovation and Value Initiative

Mark Trusheim

NEWDIGS, Tufts Medical Center

Tiffany Westrich-Robertson