NEW RELEASE: Fulfilling the Promise of Equity in Value-Based Care: A Focus on Power, People, and Processes in Health Technology Assessment

In this report – the first of a series of publications highlighting each domain of the Health Equity Initiative Value Framework in greater detail – IVI delves into the Power, People, and Processes domain to discuss opportunities and imperatives for key players in health technology assessment (HTA) practice and use. To help readers identify steps they can take today, we have identified action steps for stakeholders who shape HTA through many different mechanisms. We call on all partners to join IVI in taking action now to ensure equity is a driving force in HTA.

As the U.S. moves towards a value-based healthcare system, the data inputs and evidence base used to drive this shift must reflect the diversity of patients and represent the different values that patients hold for their health and healthcare. Historically, many patient communities are underrepresented in research and have been left out of the development of measures and methods for value assessment.

IVI is engaging advisors and stakeholders to explore formative questions:

  • How do we ensure that the data and methods used for value assessment adequately account for the diversity of patients?
  • How can value assessment meet the urgent need to reduce health inequities in our society?

Without explicit attention to these issues, value assessments and health technology assessments run the risk of continuing or exacerbating inequity.

Through this initiative, IVI seeks to embed health equity throughout our research projects, educational offerings, and patient and stakeholder engagement activities to catalyze action in the development of methods in value assessment that promote equity in health access and outcomes.

What is Health Equity in Health Technology Assessment?

Health technology assessment advances health equity when it reduces health disparities by aligning access and affordability of healthcare technologies and services with the differing needs and values of diverse patient populations, especially those who are most marginalized.

Initiative Overview

IVI is in the second year of a 2-year initiative that aims to define the practices changes and accountability levers required to advance equity in health technology assessment.

For definitions of key terms, you can reference the Glossary.

Download the Report on Key Findings.


Initiative Objectives



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Past Events

Poster Session: Late-Breaking Abstracts

“Accountability and Equity in Health Technology Assessment: Synthesis from Stakeholder Dialogue and the 4th Annual IVI Methods Summit”

The purpose of this study is to identify and communicate specific action steps for researchers, patient advocates, and research funders to systematically integrate equity considerations into HTA in the US.


Steering Committee

By launching the Health Equity Initiative, IVI aims to advance multi-stakeholder dialogue about best practices and opportunities for meaningful change in the valuation of health care to recognize diversity, address existing health disparities, and promote equitable access to care. To achieve the goals of the initiative, IVI scientific leadership is leading a series of activities, guided by a collaborative, expert steering group and with facilitated input from a select group of invited methods and research experts.

Initiative Sponsors

IVI is seeking sponsors to help underwrite the IVI Health Equity Initiative. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Melanie Ridley ([email protected]), Chief Development Officer.

The Health Equity Initiative is partially funded through generous support from PhRMA, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, and Janssen Scientific Affairs.