IVI seeks to build an independent, research-driven organization dedicated to transparency, patient-centeredness, and relevance of value assessment to real-world decisions and experiences of all stakeholders.

We partner with leading organizations and researchers to:

  • Define the gaps and limitations in existing value assessment approaches and practices
  • Explore the application and use of novel value assessment methods to real-world decision contexts
  • Build new economic models that test new methods and incorporate multiple perspectives and real world data

The raw materials exist for patient-centered value assessment, but additional translational research is needed to advance societal benefit and influence healthcare decision making. A focused and coordinated effort in the fields of health economics and outcomes research is necessary to translate these concepts into practice.

Core Areas of Research

Open-Source Value Project Models

A laboratory of open-source, disease-specific models developed to advance the science and improve the practice of value assessments in the U.S.

Patient-Centered / Stakeholder Research

Projects that aim to elicit input from patients and diverse stakeholders for incorporation into value assessments.


Formative and foundational research into methods and processes that will provide insights and evidence to inform value assessments.