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Together Our Work Will Lead to Better Outcomes for All

When you become a member of IVI, you join a collaboration that is at the forefront of increasing health equity and championing patient-focused healthcare.

Together, our work to identify inclusive, innovative and transparent methods will lead to better health outcomes for all.

Our Members Put Patients First

We know that patient needs, perspectives, and values must be included to ensure transparent, patient-centric research across the healthcare ecosystem—leading to better health outcomes.

Our Members Drive Scientific Advancement

We need more sophisticated and relevant methods to measure value. IVI is committed to testing and building solutions in a learning lab environment.

Our Members are Thought Leaders

We know the US health system is diverse, complex, and lacking in innovation in this space. IVI members work to understand challenges and build solutions together.

Our Members Challenge Outdated Thinking

Collaboration supports the science of health technology assessment and healthcare outcomes. Multiple viewpoints are key to our work. Our partners broaden the conversation through participation in committees, focus groups, research projects, webinars, blogs, and interviews.


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Harold Carter, PharmD, is the Chief Pharma Trade Relations Officer at Express Scripts. He brings a unique understanding of both the healthcare system and what is meant by “value” in healthcare.

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