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Economics Impacts Project*


IVI and AcademyHealth have partnered to develop a framework for healthcare researchers to ensure we address the full range of economic impacts on patients and caregivers.

Patient-Engaged Healthcare Valuation*


A proof-of-concept project testing a novel approach to “crowd-source” patient input using goal attainment scaling for use in deliberative methods (e.g., MCDA) to inform health technology assessment.

Patient-Driven Priorities for Management of MDD*

(PAVE Center, University of Maryland)

Built on the PAVE Center’s Patient-Informed Value Element set, this project aims to elicit a set of value elements prioritized by people with MDD and quantify their preference for these elements in the context of treatment decisions, which will be used to augment the IVI-MDD value model.

IVI-MDD Value Model*

(OPEN Health)

IVI’s third OSVP model, focusing on major depressive disorder (MDD), is being developed using a novel continual stakeholder engagement approach and will showcase novel methods in patient-centered research and value assessment.

Patient-Centered Core Impact Set*

(National Health Council, EveryLife Foundation)

A multi-stakeholder effort to create a blueprint and toolkit that the patient community and other stakeholders can use to develop a patient-centered core impact set for specific diseases or populations.

MDD Treatment Patterns Retrospective Claims Study*


A retrospective claims database analysis that examines real-world treatment patterns of people newly diagnosed with MDD and associated clinical and economic outcomes; results will inform the IVI-MDD value model.

IVI-MDD Model MCDA Module Working Group*

(Chuck Phelps, Kevin Marsh)

A group of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) experts convened to guide the development of the MCDA module of the IVI-MDD model to ensure its rigor and applicability to real-world decision contexts.

Scientific Spillover Methods Paper*

(Adrian Towse, Lou Garrison)

A methods paper that examines the channels of influence of scientific spillover, a novel value element, and their magnitudes, with a particular focus on the value of failures in pharmaceutical R&D efforts.

Patient-Employer Roundtables


Through roundtable discussions, National Health Council and National Alliance on Healthcare Purchasing Coalitions explored the alignment in value-related evidence needs between patients and employers and identified how value assessment approaches can better reflect both end-users’ view.

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