Sustain Authentic Patient-Centricity*

IVI consistently establishes diverse patient partnerships in governance, priority setting, and the creation of economic models and healthcare research. Value assessors should lead inclusive, robust research in patient preferences and data improvement to ensure HTA is authentic and relevant to patient experiences.

I am proud to be part of the Innovation and Value Initiative’s Patient Advisory Council and always come away from these discussions with new inspiration. IVI takes my input as a patient seriously, and it’s a great opportunity to contribute to the work of the organization and share recommendations with my colleagues.

Since the organization’s inception, IVI has prioritized authentic patient-centricity as a central tenet to its mission: to advance the science, practice, and use of patient-centered health technology assessment (HTA) to support decisions that make healthcare more meaningful and equitable. IVI established early leadership in engaging patient partners in governance and research collaboration through its Patient Advisory Council. In 2021, IVI published its Principles for Value Assessment in the U.S. to articulate how we put into practice the mission and goals of the organization. Our work continues to emphasize that HTA must sustain authentic patient-centricity.

IVI has identified four strategies to help put this principle into practice:

  1. Patients and caregiver partners co-lead the governance and strategic vision of the organization. We welcome new and diverse voices in our work.
  2. Lived experience and principles of health equity inform and have equal weight in all research, convenings, and thought leadership.
  3. The organization will commit resources and support to ensure that patients and caregivers are full partners in all research and organizational initiatives.
  4. The organization will evaluate the impacts of patient/caregiver partnership on the organization and on research findings and adjust our approach accordingly.

For each of these strategies, IVI – in partnership with its Patient Advisory Council, Board of Directors, and patient collaborators – has developed a checklist to evaluate both the quality and impact our partnerships with patient advocates and caregivers in our organizational practices, research projects, and engagement activities.

By holding ourselves accountable to our principles and implementing concrete tools to improve our approach, we hope to learn from and collaborate with people with lived experience to ensure that our research, engagements, and organizational structure stay true to our principles of patient-centricity and set a benchmark for the VA/HTA field on principles and authentic practice of patient engagement.

Click below to view the IVI Patient Partnership/Co-Leadership Checklist.

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* Throughout our body of work, IVI uses the term “patients” and “caregivers” to refer to people who have health conditions or serious diseases or have cared for people who have experienced serious health conditions. We do not suggest that these individuals are their conditions. We intend to use this term with respect for individuals who have significant encounters with the healthcare system and the expertise and knowledge they bring to our common efforts to improve research and the healthcare system.