IVI seeks to ensure that patients are full participants and equal partners in our research design, execution, and evaluation. As part of IVI’s mission to advance the science and improve the practice of value assessment, we believe:

  • Value assessment must reflect diversity in patient preferences, experiences, and circumstance
  • Patients must be equal partners in value assessment
  • Value assessment methods must include patient experience
  • Value assessment must seek to reduce healthcare disparities and advance health equity

Sustains Authentic Patient-Centricity

Sustains Authentic Patient-Centricity

Value assessment must consistently establish diverse patient partnerships in governance, priority setting, and the creation of models. Assessors should lead robust research in patient preference and data improvement to ensure value assessment is authentic and relevant to the diverse patient experience.

If we learn the right lessons from the COVID pandemic, the future of value assessment will be one that highly values people with – and without – serious, chronic conditions or disabilities as essential members of society. Value assessment will operate with the speed, flexibility, and wisdom necessary to maximize that value.

Donna Cryer, IVI Board Member and Executive Director of the Global Liver Institute, Health Affairs Blog

IVI Resources on Sustaining Patient-Centricity

For more information on how IVI includes patients in its work, please find the following resources:

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