A Flexible Modeling Platform for Lung Cancer

Oncology is an area of immense clinical need and a primary driver of healthcare spending, making it a prime target for assessment of the value of available medical interventions. Of the many forms of cancer, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide.(1) The American Cancer Society estimates that of the 1,735,000 new cancer cases in the U.S. in 2018, 13.5% will be lung cancer. NSCLC accounts for an estimated 85% of lung cancer cases and comprises adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and large cell carcinoma.(2)

IVI’s first oncology-specific Open-Source Value Platform (OSVP) model focuses on non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Specifically, the IVI-NSCLC model examines the value of sequential treatment strategies for patients with epidermal growth factor receptor positive (EGFR+) NSCLC, which accounts for 8% of new NSCLC cases.(3)

Get Started with the IVI-NSCLC Value Tool

The IVI-NSCLC Value Tool is an easy-to-use web-based interface designed to help healthcare decision-makers use the IVI-NSCLC model to evaluate treatment strategies for EGFR+ NSCLC.

Two versions of the IVI-NSCLC Value Tool are available. The Basic interface is designed to provide a streamlined experience for general audience users with limited expertise. The Advanced interface is designed for users with clinical or technical expertise and provides complete control over all modeling.

IVI-NSCLC Value Tools are optimized for use with Google Chrome.

IVI-NSCLC Basic Value Model

IVI-NSCLC Advanced Value Model

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Patient Perspective at the Heart of Model Development

Patients are an indispensable voice in developing any platform or model that may affect healthcare decision-making. The IVI-NSCLC platform was developed in partnership with the LUNGevity Foundation, in keeping with IVI’s commitment to seek patients and patient organizations as research partners to better understand drivers of patient-centered value. LUNGevity provided critical input on model development, beginning with early planning and the identification of EGFR+ NSCLC as the focus of the model. Throughout model development, LUNGevity has provided ongoing review, feedback, and direction.

With guidance from LUNGevity, IVI also conducted qualitative research with NSCLC patients to better understand their perspectives on value, what they consider and worry about when making treatment decisions, and how they prioritize one aspect versus another. The findings from this research directly inform the ongoing development of the IVI-NSCLC model. Findings from research will also feed directly into a related “Quantifying the Patient Experience” study in which IVI is developing NSCLC-specific measures of quality of life incorporating different treatment modalities. The results of this latter study will be incorporated into Version 2 of the OSVP model.

User Input Improves the IVI-NSCLC Model

Public Feedback Drives Model Development

The Open-Source Value Platform (OSVP) allows for iterative and collaborative development of all modeling platforms – including the IVI-NSCLC model – in order to incorporate diverse perspectives.

From sharing your perspective on what factors should be included in our measurement of value to recommending changes to the underlying source code, we encourage continued participation as part of the public feedback process. Following the initial release of the IVI-NSCLC model, IVI received input from a range of perspectives during the open feedback period. These comments provide the basis for upcoming model revisions and will inform future iterations of the IVI-NSCLC model and future OSVP models.

Timeline for Feedback, Review, and Revision

Following the open comment period, a Technical Expert Panel (TEP) of subject-matter experts then reviews all feedback and suggestions received and develops prioritized recommendations for improvement of the IVI-NSCLC model. These recommendations will guide revisions and model improvements in Version 2 of the IVI-NSCLC model.

The OSVP process is fully transparent. All public comments, TEP reviews and recommendations, and IVI plans for model revision are made publicly available on our website. View the consolidated public comments for the IVI-NSCLC model here.

Learn More About the IVI-NSCLC Model

How does the IVI-NSCLC Model work?

The IVI-NSCLC model is an open-source simulation model that decision-makers can use to assess the value of different sequences of treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Specifically, the IVI-NSCLC model provides information on expected health benefits, risks and costs for patients with EGFR+ NSCLC.

There is a lot to learn about the IVI-NSCLC model. Get started with the links below.

Many Ways to Use the IVI-NSCLC Model

There are multiple ways to use the IVI-NSCLC model, with options for a wide range of users – from those new to modeling to expert programmers.

  • IVI-NSCLC Basic Value Tool. This interactive online tool provides a streamlined experience requiring no existing expertise. (Optimized for use with Google Chrome; some features may not be supported in other browsers.)
  • IVI-NSCLC Advanced Value Tool. For users who want control over all the modeling parameters and structural assumptions, this interface provides an interactive online tool for running more customized analyses with the IVI-NSCLC model. (Optimized for use with Google Chrome; some features may not be supported in other browsers.)
  • iviNSCLC R PackageThe R package is available for users who would like to fully customize their analyses.
  • Source Code. Complete source code for the IVI-NSCLC model is available for download and adaptation.
The IVI-NSCLC model, part of the Open-Source Value Project (OSVP), was created, developed, and is owned by Precision Health Economics LLC (now PRECISIONheor) and is licensed to IVI Foundation, Inc. for its use in connection with redefining how value of pharmaceutical treatment is assessed. In keeping with IVI’s philosophy, this includes sharing and distribution of source code, data and parameter inputs, and any additional materials and technical documentation supporting open use, distribution, and adaptation of the model with attribution to the model developers.
In addition, any work performed by IVI based on the IVI-NSCLC model is conducted as part of the OSVP and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license visit: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.