Healthcare decision makers are increasingly concerned about making choices based on value – but they need reliable information on value to do so. More importantly, they need information that is specific to them and reflects the context of the actual decision. Fields like cost-effectiveness analysis provide a strong foundation, but the reality is that existing methods are unable to generate the context- and decision maker-specific information needed.

The Open-Source Value Platform (OSVP) was started to move toward the next generation of value assessment. The OSVP provides a transparent process to accelerate learning and the creation of customizable models and other tools for value assessment that is inclusive, scientifically credible, and relevant. The OSVP is a democratic, open, collaborative environment for:

  • Methods research and development
  • Research on patient perspectives on value and methods to quantify them
  • Disease-focused model development and application testing
  • Development of tools to facilitate localized decision making (for payers, clinicians, patients, and employers)

To learn more, visit the Open-Source Value Platform page.