The Institute for Clinical Economic Review (ICER) recently launched a new pilot program that will allow more extensive evaluation of draft economic models used in ICER’s reports. In response to ICER’s new program, Mark Linthicum, Director of Scientific Communications for the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI), commented:

“The Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) is working diligently to demonstrate the benefits of scientifically rigorous, patient-centered, open-access value tools to leaders across the health care effectiveness models. IVI commends ICER for taking an initial step toward a more open scientific review of cost-effectiveness models. At the same time, IVI believes that more is needed to achieve a transparent and relevant approach to value assessment in the US.”

“First, cost-effectiveness models that form the basis for value assessment should be available to all stakeholders rather than restricting access to some. Second, stakeholders should be able to use and customize the models, and not simply review, to ensure value assessment that reflects the local situation, setting, and perspectives on value. Third, confidentiality or licensing agreements impede the free flow of information and models, which should be the goal of an open and transparent scientific process. This approach would also allow stakeholders to update the assessment of value as new clinical evidence becomes available.”

The IVI Open-Source Value Project uses a transparent, collaborative, and iterative process to develop flexible, open-source value models in specific disease areas.