Alexandria, VA – September 28, 2023 – The Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI), a non-profit research organization committed to advancing the science, practice, and use of health technology assessment (HTA) in healthcare, today released a new report, “Fulfilling the Promise of Equity in Value-Based Care: A Focus on Power, People, and Processes in Health Technology Assessment.” This report is part of IVI’s multi-year Health Equity Initiative, in partnership with a cross-sector Health Equity Initiative Steering Committee, and offers  actions stakeholders can take to ensure that health disparities and equity are addressed in health technology assessment (HTA).

“HTA advances equity when it reflects what matters most to patients. To transform health systems to deliver value, all stakeholders can take action that drives accountability to reduce health disparities through aligning access and affordability of healthcare technologies and services with differing needs and values of diverse patient populations,” says Melanie Ridley, IVI’s Chief of Program and Development Officer.

After intensive dialogue, with more than 40 stakeholders representing patients, caregivers, researchers, payers, industry, and employers, IVI identified four key domains impacting the ability to incorporate equity in HTA: Power, People, and Processes; Communications and Use; Data and Inputs; and Methods.

This report, the first in a series, focuses on the domain Power, People, and Processes. This domain is foundational to rebalancing power throughout the HTA processes and emphasizes grounding HTA in lived experience through co-creation and leadership by patients, caregivers, and community members, particularly those from marginalized communities.  The report identifies tailored action steps for key stakeholders who shape HTA.

These steps include:

  • Partnering with patients and caregivers to lead and create HTA
  • Recognizing patient and caregiver contributions
  • Prioritizing marginalized community representation within HTA
  • Creating and sustaining diversity within the HTA workforce

The full report is available for download here.


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The Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit research organization dedicated to advancing the science and improving the practice of health technology assessment through development of novel methods and the creation and application of enhanced health technology assessment models to support local decision-making needs in healthcare.

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