IVI Drug Pricing Proposal Statement

Jennifer Bright, Executive Director, Innovation and Value Initiative, issued the following statement on Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats drug pricing proposals. "While exercising government levers to address drug pricing and pricing transparency are needed, the current proposals miss the mark on real solutions to improve affordability and to understand whether healthcare spending actually delivers the [...]

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IVI Provides Insight into CVS Health’s Decision to Include Cost-per-QALY Analyses from ICER into Formulary Decision-Making

CVS Health's pharmacy benefit management (PBM) division, CVS Caremark, recently announced their decision to rely exclusively on the analyses of the Institute for Clinical and Economic (ICER) in a new drug management program. IVI's Director of Scientific Communications, Mark Linthicum, responds to this story in MedCity stating, "The neat 'answer' regarding the value of treatment [...]

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PRESS RELEASE: IVI Responds to HHS’ Blueprint Saying Lowering Healthcare Costs Requires Improving Value Assessment

IVI Says Moving Beyond Cost Effectiveness by Evaluating Treatments Based on Unique Patient Characteristics and Preferences is Imperative Los Angeles, CA – July 16, 2018 -- If we are going to truly harness data to lower healthcare costs while accelerating and rewarding innovation that benefits patients, then defining and assessing value in healthcare must [...]

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IVI Highlighted in Article on Value Assessment in Oncology Treatments

In this month's Drug Topics, correspondent Kathleen Gannon Longo speaks with Jeremy Schafer about the potentially tremendous impact that value assessments will have on future patient reimbursement decisions. Focusing on Oncology treatment, Schafer describes some of the existing value frameworks in play as well as referencing the work being done by the IVI to employ [...]

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IVI’s Lakdawalla in WSJ: Look to Major League Baseball for Drug Pricing Insight

In a new commentary appearing in The Wall Street Journal, Dana Goldman and IVI Executive Director, Darius Lakdawalla, turn to the national pastime to provide a fresh perspective on the issue of drug pricing and the return on investment pharmaceutical companies need to sustain innovation. In baseball, the salaries are high and the talent pool is [...]

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Discussing the Challenges of Value-Based Pricing in STAT News

In a new commentary for STAT News, Anupam Jena (part of IVI's scientific advisory group) and Dana Goldman discuss the advantages of value-based pricing, pointing out several of the key challenges that complicate the application of health technology assessments. Jena and Goldman make the case that more transparency is needed and that an open-source model [...]

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A Win-Win Strategy for Improving Access to Hepatitis C Medicines

In a recent post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs blog series, Neeraj Sood, Gillian Buckley, and Brian Strom present a novel "win-win" scenario for improving patient access to Hepatitis C medicines. By arranging for pharmaceutical patent holders to license their patents to the federal government, the agreement could potentially provide curative treatment to nearly a half [...]

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Patent Buyouts and Licensing Changes as a Strategy for Lowering Brand Drug Prices

In a recent post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs featured blog series, Jonathan Silver suggests the key to lowering brand drug prices may be found through patent buyouts and changes to licensing policy. In particular, Silver proposes that non-profit entities be created and funded to purchase and license intellectual property rights for certain branded drugs. Read [...]

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Addressing Outcomes-Based Pricing Agreements

In a recent post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs featured blog series, Daniel Blumenthal, Mark Linthicum (IVI Director of Scientific Communications), and Sachin Kamal-Bahl (Member, IVI Strategic Advisory Panel) discuss challenges in establishing outcomes-based pricing agreements for pharmaceuticals and potential strategies for overcoming obstacles. Strategies discussed include focusing on legal and regulatory changes, increased information sharing, [...]

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Lessons Learned from Genentech-Priority Health Pilot in Illustrating Outcomes-Based Contracting Challenges

In a recent post on the IVI-sponsored Health Affairs featured blog series, John Fox and Marc Waltrous provide a detailed analysis of the Genentech-Priority Health Pilot program, outlining the background, key considerations, pilot design, and take-aways to illustrate the challenges of a successful outcomes-based contracting agreement. Read the full article here. About the Health Affairs/IVI Featured Blog [...]

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