I want to get involved. How can I help?

IVI is actively seeking partnerships with stakeholders across the healthcare industry and we welcome your collaboration. You can get more involved if you: Join IVI. IVI's work is only possible with the support of people and organizations like you. Members of IVI are key partners in advancing the science and practice of value assessment. For more [...]

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What are the benefits of becoming an member of IVI?

IVI is a membership-funded nonprofit, and IVI's ability to achieve its goal depends on the support of forward-thinking organizations and individuals. By joining IVI, you will connect with a growing collaborative community of researchers, patients, payers, employers, and clinicians committed to modern and flexible value assessment. IVI welcomes both individuals and organizational members, and just [...]

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Who can be a member of IVI?

Any individual or organization interested in advancing the science and improving the practice of healthcare value assessment is welcome to become a member of IVI.

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